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Notre Dame Lyon's Hall Chapel

Lyons Hall is dedicated to the memory of Professor Joseph A. Lyons, one of Notre Dame's most distinguished early faculty members. The hall chapel mass provides an opportunity for members of this dorm to come together and bond as a community of faith.

The unique project of renovating this sacred place consisted of restoring all existing stone in the chapel. To compliment the walls, new Italian style stone flooring was added. New lighting was installed to accentuate the stone work. Custom doors and woodwork stained to match original finish and a color palette of Golden Fleece complete this project. 

General Contractor

Gibson-Lewis, LLC


University of Notre Dame


Office of the Architect, Notre Dame


Notre Dame IN

Completion Date

March 2014

Project Type


Project Scope

  • Interior Contractor

  • Demolition

  • Carpentry

  • Doors & Hardware

  • Drywall & Metal Studs

  • PlasterPainting

  • Miscellaneous Specialties

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